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We're proud to present the official version of our single, "Begging You Please"

(Cenzo Townshend Mix)

New Album Out Now!

viseMènn - "You Are" - New Album Out Now!

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"The song itself, ringing in at four and a quarter minutes, is a deep ethereal masterpiece, ."

"It hits you to the core and it hits you on more than one level,.."

"As a single, viseMènn definitely know how to pick a song that sets them apart."

«There is something about that song that reaches deep down into your psyche. This band knows how to handle their instruments and there isn’t a point in the song where you aren’t feeling lost in the vocals and the instrumentation, as they blend together like they are part of the same heartbeat.»

"it is truly special when a song allows you to transcend into another space ”.

"This is a band worth keeping an eye on! "

"The viseMènn are a talented bunch, and while listening to the music I couldn’t help recall bands like Sonic Youth, The Brian Jonestown Massacre or even a less aggressive version of System of A Down. ”.

"ViseMènn is set to make its mark with the compelling and transporting tune “Begging You Please” "

"Quite disquieting and profound in equal measure (and that’s not even a recap of the whole video) and
a visual story arc that brings out the depth of Begging You Please even more."

"This is a band I’d like to hear more from. "

"This almost four-and-a-half minute production would appease to anyone who dibble in a little drive time
rock as the slight distorted guitars and the mesmerising overtones creates a truly ambient and tranquil

"A call of the wild, Norway style. Plus, Helge Corneliussen damn near sounds like a young Bono howling at the moon in Slane Castle."

"If you were planning on taking a vacation to outer space, make sure this track is on the playlist."

"The track hangs heavy with an emotional weariness mirrored in the staggering, stumbling beat as the song, drunken and depressed, collapses face first yet sinks through the floorboards in a light, semicorporeal dream state; unharmed save for a touch of despair."

"those who enjoy or curious with this genre called, Atmospheric Rock, should definitely check out what this quarter offer."

"Begging you Please Listen!!"

"The vocals of Corneliussen are haunting and a bit otherworldly, like you're hearing a message from someone in space"

«viseMenn have put together a great track that will leave you wanting more.»

"With a song of this nature, viseMenn have come forward as another noteworthy entity in a crop of
progressive, atmosphere-inducing rock groups."

«If a repertoir of songs existed that compiled a soundtrack for a long trek through the dense annals of the Aokigahara forest, then viseMenn's newest single, "Begging You Please" would definitely be part of that collection.»


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