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The Bright And Shiny (Bonus track)

Don't Let It Break ("You Are")

Begging You Please ("You Are")


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Music Videos

Give It All Up

Music video for the song 'Give It All Up" from our current album "You Are"

Begging You Please

Music video for the song 'Begging You Please" from our current album "You Are"  

The Bright and Shiny

Music video for the song 'The Bright and Shiny'

Live Videos

viseMenn @ The Supermarket, Toronto 2013

Bright and Shiny 

Live at The Cavern,

Liverpool 2015 


Don't Let It Break

Live at The Hideout,

Toronto 2015

Wake Up,

Live at The Cavern, Liverpool 2014

 (Helge just out of hospital after a broken ankle operation and therefore seated on a stool.)

Come On Over

Live at The Rivoli,

Toronto 2013

Ågsethfestivalen 2013

In the woods of Norway.

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