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Begging You Please - Official Music Video


We are extremely proud to present Richard D. Leko's music video for our song "Begging You Please"!!

We were contacted by Richard  late summer 2013 after he had heard the song in photographer Joe Mcnally's video on YouTube. He had used the Shazam music discovery app to find out who was playing the song. He called us and introduced himself as a Toronto based film industry professional, and that he liked our song so much that he was willing to put a lot of his own resources into producing a music video for it. We found it almost too good to be true, but decided to take up his invitation to go to Toronto and at the same time attend the Indie Week festival that we had gotten an invitation to (sensing Richard's involvement in this too).

When we arrived in Toronto we found that Richard was very much for real, and he and his wife Valerie gave us a warm welcome and really made us feel like home. They introduced us to Toronto and it's surroundings and even brought us to Canadian Thanksgiving with their families! All this really touched the hearts of four shy Norwegian guys! 

When the time for recording the music video arrived, we were met by an extremely professional team of 20 of Toronto's greatest, handpicked by Richard himself. We had never witnessed anything like this not to mention being a part of it, and they really made us feel like stars for one day! Actors, camera crew, makeup artists, producers, we had hardly heard all these titles before, but quickly understood that we were in good hands! We cannot fully express our gratitude to all those involved, especially since we know most of them did this on a voluntary basis!! 

So now proudly we present this very special music video that came to existence under such extraordinary circumstances and that really has become a true work of art!! Everything from idea to planning, scripting, directing and editing credited to Richard D. Leko!! 






Driver: Rob Oakman
Jogger: Valerie K. Masson
Directed & edited by: Richard D. Leko
Produced by: Keaton TF Evans
Executive Producer: Bruce Carson
Directors of Photography: Dave Stuart, Chris Morsby
1st Assistant Camera: Tom C Hall, Shimon Nelson
2nd Assistant Camera: Joanna Popinska
Assistant Director: Mario Scenna
Colourist: Ben Allan
Key Grip: Bojan Nedic
DIT: Delaney Siren
Art Director: Sara Fargo
Makeup Artists: Krystal Victoria, Sunny Tse
Production Assistants: Andrew Alves, Landon Ramirez


Special Thanks: 
George Sully (Sully Wong),
Emerton @ Gsus Sindustries
Anny Slama


In Memory of Anton Leko (1935-2014)


Lekovision Productions



© & ℗ 2015 viseMènn

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